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Organic Leads Mini-Bundle

Organic Leads Mini-Bundle

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Would you like to be able to send birthdays, holidays, weddings, and customer anniversary messages to your contact list automatically 365 days per year? We’ve got you covered. This FREE BONUS organic leads mini bundle includes these pre-built automations that you can easily edit.

Also, included are the referrals campaign and the reviews campaign that you can easily edit and send to your contact list to boost your Google My Business and Facebook Reviews, and rankings, and generate more referrals and organic leads back into the top of your funnel.

And finally, our List Reactivation Campaign for re-engaging old leads. Ready to make them warm again?


  • Birthday, Holidays, Wedding, and Customer Anniversary Automation
  • Referral Campaign (To use with your contact list)
  • Reviews Campaign (Facebook and Google My Business)
  • Re-Activation Campaign (Old Leads Nurture)
  • Plus Corresponding Follow-Ups
  • All Workflows, Triggers/Pipeline Automations, and Templates
  • All Sales-Proven Copy for Email and Text, Ready to Edit and Press Go

Note: Once purchased, all assets will be loaded into your CRM and ready to use within 24 hours.

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